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Support Groups at Help4HD

At Help4HD, we offer a variety of support groups to provide assistance, community, and encouragement to those affected by Huntington's Disease. Our private chats and virtual support groups are here to help you connect with others and find the support you need. Below is a schedule of our ongoing support groups:


Caregiver Support Group

  • When: Every Tuesday at 2pm PT

  • Description: Join our dedicated caregiver support group to share experiences, challenges, and tips with others who are providing care to loved ones with Huntington's Disease.


JoHD Support Group

  • When: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 5pm PT

  • Description: This support group is for those living with Juvenile Huntington's Disease. Connect with others, share your story, and find solidarity in our supportive community.


Bereavement Support Group

  • Description: This group offers a safe space for those grieving the loss of a loved one to Huntington's Disease. Join our private chat to find out when the next virtual meeting will be held.


Spanish Speaking Support Group

  • Description: We provide support for our Spanish-speaking community. Join our private chat to connect and learn when the next virtual support group will be.


Prodromal Premanifest Early Symptomatic (PPEM) Support Group

  • Description: This group is for individuals in the early stages of Huntington's Disease. Join our private chat to receive support and stay informed about our upcoming virtual meetings.


How to Join: To participate in any of these support groups, join our private chat for support and updates on when the virtual support groups meet via Zoom. For more information and to get connected to all our support groups, please let us know which support group you are interested in and we will reach out to you with the correct Zoom codes.

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