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HDYO Brings Back the North American CAMP for Young People Impacted by HD!

HDYO is hosting its 6th North American HD Young Person Camp on August 11-15 from Camp St Charles in Maryland.

The camp offers young people the chance to meet others impacted by HD to learn about HD through educational workshops, share experiences, and have plenty of fun participating in on-site activities like swimming, rock climbing, hiking, archery, and much more.

HDYO's Goal: We aim for young people attending camp to benefit by feeling less isolated, more supported, as well coming away from camp with an improved understanding of HD and strong peer connections with other young people in similar situations. There will also be an experienced HD team of professionals and volunteers on-site to support young people at all times. HDYO has an exceptional record of holding amazing camps for young people impacted by HD.


Who can attend? Young people ages 18-25 (there is some flexibility with the age) that live in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico who are impacted by HD (impacted covers those at risk, tested, not at risk but in a family, close friend etc.)

How many spaces are available? There is the capacity for about 45 young people to attend the camp.

What is the Cost? Free!!!! Like all HDYO’s camps we have found sponsorship to cover all costs including travel, food and camp fees. Campers will be responsible for any cost associated with baggage fees and campers should have some money for airport snacks and incidentals.

When will it be? Arriving Sunday, August 11, 2024 – Departing Thursday, August 15, 2024

Where will it be? Camp St Charles in Maryland

Website for More Information:

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