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HD Awareness Window Decal Free Giveaway for HD Awareness Month

Katie Jackson: Hi everyone, and welcome back to another episode of Help 4 HD TV. Today we are going to talk about a program we are going to launch today, as of right now, and it is for HD awareness month.

We started, HD awareness month with an education day on May 2nd. So everyone go check that out. It's available on Facebook and we are going to slowly be releasing part of the event on YouTube. Every week, check out a new part of it that will be released. Today we are going to talk about a program that we have. We are going to be giving away window decals for Huntington's families, during the next two weeks.

Before we get into what the decals say, just real quick, if you get a chance to make sure you subscribe to our channel and ring the bell for notifications and like this video. Just do that right now before we get started. Katrina, you could talk about what the stickers say.

Katrina Hamel: Absolutely. We've noticed that in the past when we've given these stickers out to HD families. Some [00:01:00] families have used them on the outside of their car for more awareness for first responders to see when they come up to the car, whether it be a routine pull over or something that's a little bit more traumatic as in an accident or something like that.

People have definitely used them for their cars and also people have used them for the front door. Putting them on the front of the door also brings awareness to first responders who are entering your home or anybody else who's entering the home. Just to give a little bit more detail about HD.

As I showed you, they look like this approximately this size, and it says individuals with Huntington's disease onboard in case of emergency, please be aware that the individual may not be able to speak or articulate pain or injury. May not be aware of the situation, may be resistant to any help from first responders. May appear to be intoxicated or on narcotics due to symptoms of Huntington's disease.

Katie Jackson: If you want one of these, these are absolutely free [00:02:00] for you. We will be happy to send them to you. There's a couple ways you can get ahold of us to get one of these. One is if you look down below in the description, we are going to put the URL for you to go and click. All you have to do is put your name and your mailing address. These will be sent to you by mail. You just need name and make sure you put the correct address on, so we make sure we get it to the right place.

Also you can go to go to the Huntington's post. You will see this episode and you will see the link below that you will click and put your information in there and we will get one in the mail to you right away. until next week, everyone, make sure, once again, subscribe to our channel. Ring the bell and like this video.

Get your stickers in the mail. They are free for you and happy HD awareness month and we will keep the awareness coming over the next two weeks. Everyone stay safe and stay well, till next time.

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16. Mai 2020

Can I get a widow sticker for my niece? Brenda Allen 8355 Jeanette Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45249 Thank you.

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