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An HD Awareness Message from Charles Fisher

Hello, my name is Charles Fisher. This is my story about Huntington's disease. I got made fun of when I was younger, and I still get looked funny after I grew up. When I was younger, I really let the bullying get down to the point that I tried to comment suicide multiple times. Then I met someone who had been through it all as well, but they were smiling. I asked them why they were so happy. They told me that they took each day with a positive attitude and be happy with what you have in your life. So ever since then, I have lived every day with a positive attitude and been grateful for everything in my life. After a while, I finally got so confident in who I was as a person that I felt like I could take on anything in the world. I was diagnosed a little more than a year ago with Huntington's disease. I didn't let myself get down. I was happy to still be alive and living life to the fullest while I still can. We all know all of the negative or sad things about Huntington's disease out there that we hear every day. Just be positive in your life and be happy with what you have. Be grateful for every day, every moment you are still with your family, friends, caretakers, or guardians.

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