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20 Questions with Help 4 HD - Autumn Fuernisen

  1. What is your name? Autumn.

  2. How old are you? 15 1/2.

  3. How old were you when you were tested for JHD? 11.

  4. At what age did you start showing symptoms of JHD? Around 9 or 10.

  5. Who did you inherit JHD from? Mom or Dad? My dad.

  6. Have you ever met any other kids with JHD? Yes.

  7. Why did your parents decide to have you tested for JHD? Because I was having outbursts and I started having a hard time in school.

  8. Do you go to public school? How do you like it? Yes, and I love it. I am in 10th grade this year!

  9. What’s your favorite subject? Baking and pastries.

  10. What sort of music do you listen to? Taylor Swift, Cardi B, Macklemore.

  11. Do you participate in any school activities? Yes, Cheerleading.

  12. What are your three favorite colors? Pink, Purple & Turquoise.

  13. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Dogs, but I kind of like them both.

  14. What’s your favorite (wild) animal? Panda Bear.

  15. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Sacramento, CA.

  16. What would you do there? I would meet Katie and Katrina & hang out with them.

  17. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you meet? Will Ferrell.

  18. What would you say to them? I would tell him that I love the movie ELF; It's my favorite.

  19. Who do you admire most in the world? Why? My Mom, because she is my best friend and she does everything for me.

  20. Describe Juvenile Huntington’s Disease in 3 words. Bad, Terrible & Robber.

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