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Huntington’s Awareness Month, Here We Come!

May is the month that inspired my caregiver’s book, I Fight for Understanding. May is Huntington’s Awareness month!! As a way to give back and help educate other caregivers, I had decided to write tips for each day of the month every year, and Help 4 HD published one of those years into an easy-to-read booklet that reads like a daily devotional.

When my ex-husband, and current charge, was first diagnosed, I did not have a complete grasp of how convoluted the illness is. I was beaten down by his irritability and demeaning comments. I was constantly trying to fix myself. I was blessed enough to have met a group of people online that helped me learn the truth about this illness. They supported me, educated me, and befriended me, so now I feel it is truly my mission to do the same for other caregivers.

I am an RN (registered nurse), which also hands me the responsibility to educate the 📷community as a whole. Help 4 HD is a leader in spreading awareness and education for families. This group educates law enforcement, publishes books and films, and has public conferences to share information and enlighten the world. I ask you to take up your purple and blue flag and help continue this mission and join forces with Help 4 HD. We are a force that is making waves. HERE we come, world!

I Fight for Understanding: 31 Days of Coping with Huntington’s Disease may be purchased in paperback or on Kindle from Amazon. If you order from Amazon Smile, you get the same products, service, and benefits as from Amazon, but you can designate Help 4 HD as the nonprofit that will receive a donation from Amazon for every product you purchase. The Amazon Smile link for I Fight for Understanding . . . is

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