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HIPE Virtual July 11, Genetics

] Katie Jackson: Hey everyone and welcome back to another episode of Help 4 HDTV. Today, we are talking about HIPE round two. We thought that we were going to be able to be in person by now, but the pandemic and everything going on and the government still saying that we can't have huge gatherings.

We are going to continue on doing the HIPE program virtually for the next two, what would be physical HIPEs. We are going to start on July 11th, 2020 at 9:00 AM Pacific standard time to do what would have been our HIPE Sacramento. It's really cool we got the whole UC Davis team from Sacramento to agree to be on the HIPE panel.

We knew that with HIPE us going into our second and third time that it would become a little repetitive. So instead of just doing HIPE, we decided to put an emphasis or focus on a certain part of Huntington's disease. HIPE, round two is going to have a focus on genetics. I'm going to turn it over to [00:01:00] Katrina, to talk about what that means and what kind of questions we're going to be looking for for that day.

Katrina Hamel: As Katie mentioned this day we'll be focused on genetics and that is such a wide range. The great thing is we will have representation of professionals, including a genetic counselor who can go over these different topics with everyone, as well as answer those difficult questions. We may have questions about how to talk to kids about Huntington's disease or what to do prior to testing.

Anything about family planning and life planning in general. A lot of different questions come up when it has to do with genetics. Recently we have been receiving, questions into our portal, which we have on our website, We also have it on our Facebook page where you can submit a question it's all anonymous and you can ask any questions in the very huge, area of genetics.

One of the questions that was already [00:02:00] submitted, again anonymously, was sent to us and it says. "I am 18. My family did not talk about Huntington's disease. I am at risk and I was just told. I want to get tested, but do not know where to begin."

That is someone asking for help and direction and we will be able to offer that during our HIPE day on July 11th. We have at least another 10 questions submitted at this point. We look forward to receiving more and having our professionals, answering them for you all.

Katie Jackson: I think it's really interesting talking about genetics during this time we're living in. With not being able to go to the doctor and so much going virtual with telephony and things like that. It'll be really interesting for our professionals to talk about where our focus has gone as far as genetic counseling and testing in the virtual world we're living in now.

To register for this HIPE day, we have all of our registration open at [00:03:00] It's on the slider. It's the very first thing you'll see, but it is also under the events tab. This is free for the HD community. Once you go and you register and you click submit at the end, it will send you a thank you note. It has the link to the portal for you to submit any questions that you may have for that day. In our description below have put to the link to register as well as the link to submit any questions about genetics to us to ask the panel of experts on July 11th.

That is all for today. Make sure you like this video, subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notifications for when new videos come out until next week.

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