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Help 4 HD's HD Resource Database: Phase One

Help 4 HD has created the HD Resource database to help those impacted by Huntington's disease and Juvenile onset Huntington's disease. This resource was created by families for families and includes information from across the United States. The database is well-organized by state, making it easy to find relevant information. There is also a national division that covers all states. You can use this valuable resource to find the support, resources, equipment, and information that you need.

Huntington's disease and Juvenile onset Huntington's disease can cause financial difficulties for families. There are many services available to support you, such as assistance with food, utilities, or social security applications. You can also find informative blogs, updates on research, caregiver support groups, legal services, genetic counseling, and genetic testing. These resources can improve your financial stability and enhance your overall well-being. The HD Resource Database is specific to HD and JoHD, continually eliminating the need to search online for possible assistance.

The HD Resource Database is divided into two phases. In phase one, the resource database has been created and organized by state. In phase two, Help 4 HD will implement easier ways to search categories, chat capabilities, resource submissions, and more. Though the database is being released over two different phases, Help 4 HD will continue adding new resources and implementing new features to strengthen the first-ever HD Resource Database.

To access Help 4 HD's HD Resource Database:

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