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Help 4 HD Gives Free Medical I.D. Cards to HD Families

To Receive A Free HD I.D. Card Please Click HERE

Katie Jackson: Hello everyone, and welcome back to another episode of Help 4 HDTV. Today we have a very special episode, but before we get into it, make sure you subscribe to our channel below. Ring the bell for notifications and like this video.

I am going to let Katrina introduce our guest today.

Katrina Hamel: Today we have on Vicky Owen, who is the head of our LEEp program. She is the director of that program. We often do live events, to help educate the community and law enforcement officers about Huntington's disease.

Within the LEEP program, we have a new project handing out identification cards that tell a little bit about Huntington's disease. On the cards we have an area where people can put their personal information for contact. I'm going to pass it over to Vicki Owen and she's going to tell you what the cards say and show you what they look like.

Vicki Owen: Hey everybody, it's Vicky Owen, as she said, and the [00:01:00] cards look like this front and back.

This side says, I have Huntington's disease. I may appear to be intoxicated due to my symptoms. I may have any or all of these symptoms: movements I cannot control, impaired gait, delayed responses, slurred speech, trouble following directions, increased agitation and anxiety. At the bottom it says, if I need assistance, please contact. Then it has name, phone number, and address. That's that side.

The other side says, Huntington's disease is an inherited and ultimately fatal brain disorder that affects control of movement, thought, and behavior. . I am protected by the ADA. For more information about Huntington's disease, please visit That's that side. [00:02:00]

Katie Jackson: Thank you, Vicky, for coming on with us today and showing everyone our new addition to the LEEP program. This is a very cool program. Huge shout out to Teva Pharmaceuticals for, helping us make this program possible. A huge shout out to Vicky Owen for running this program completely seamlessly and makes it look easy to teach about Huntington's.

Her husband passed away. This last year, and she is doing it now without him. That's gotta be really hard because he brought a lot of awareness while he was with us, and we are thankful for all that he did, for our community.

If you guys want this, it's free to the community. If you look down below in the description, you'll see a link where you will be able to click and you can apply. All you will need to give us is your name and your mailing address. Make sure that mailing address is correct. Vicky Owen will get one in the mail to you or get actually a couple in the mail to you.

Go ahead and apply below. Subscribe to the channel. Ring the bell, Vicki you have to be like this.

[00:03:00] Ring the bell and like this video. Also you can find the application at and go to the Huntington's post and the link will be available for you there as well. Till next time.

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