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For People With HD/JHD & Their Caregivers

Figuring out what to get someone who has Huntington’s disease can become more and more difficult as the disease progresses. As promised, here is a list of great gift ideas for a person with HD/JHD, as well as some ideas for the caregivers! Happy Holidays!

Lauren’s Favorites

Subscription to Netflix or Hulu or AudibleWeighted blanketiPad or tabletMighty Mug – certificates for getting nails or hair done, etc.Gift certificates for ice cream or lunchWeighted pens/pencils ( coloring books with markers (Osborne Big Color by Numbers Book, Books Dream Big, Draw Bigger, Draw, Doodle Design & Doodle Imagine, Draw) You can find these on Amazon.“Tickets of Love”

This is a personally-made booklet of coupons that is filled with little gifts the giver (child or adult) wants to give the recipient. For example:This coupon is good for a free foot rub, or A free hair wash and style,A free nail-coloring session,An afternoon walk,A picnic lunch,A reading from a favorite book, out loud,An afternoon ride to the ocean (lake, park, etc.)

Other Great Ideas

Chapstick (a good stocking stuffer item!)Slipper socks with ‘treads’ on the bottomsFunny, colorful socksHandwarmersGloves, winter hat, and/or scarfNightlightsPurifying Salt LampEssential oil diffuserMotion detector lights inside and outside the homeElectric toothbrushMemorabilia from favorite sports team(s)  (i.e., jersey, t-shirts)

For the Caregiver

Gift certificate to a local cleaning serviceHire a Virtual Assistant for an hour or two every month to help with staying organized.Create a break for the caregiver! Schedule it, make the plans for them, oversee the help (i.e., getting a manicure or having lunch with a friend).“Host the holidays” – Decorate the inside and outside of the home, take care of the planning or the cooking, etc.“Tickets of Love” (See above.)

***Please check out for these and other ideas for caregivers!***

You can also listen to Help 4 HD’s archived program about gift giving on BlogTalkRadio. Listen to Katie Jackson and Lauren Holder’s discussion at

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