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Community Questions About AUSTEDO XR

Community Questions that Help 4 HD Received

After our Virtual HIPE on February 25th


The answers to these questions were found on the AUSTEDO XR Prescribing information sheet included in this article. This is not medical advice; please, as always, discuss it with your healthcare provider.

1. When will the extended-release be available for us to be able to get? We are unable to disclose an exact date at this time, but AUSTEDO XR is expected to be available in the US later this year. Commercial launch preparations are in development for market introduction later in 2023.

NOTE: All patients with HD or TD and a prescription for AUSTEDO or AUSTEDO XR (deutetrabenazine) are eligible for the Shared Solutions Support that includes follow-up on patient adherence, satisfaction, education on titration, claim arbitration, and financial support. Shared Solutions® can be contacted at 1- 800-887-8100

2. If we are on AUSTEDO already, how do we switch over? Will we have to titrate again? Patients who are currently being treated with two divided doses of AUSTEDO tablets (twice daily) may be switched to AUSTEDO XR extended-release tablets at the same total daily dose, taken once daily (AUSTEDO XR or AUSTEDO PI 2023, table 1).

3. If the chorea is worse at night when they sleep, would this new once-a-day formula be taken at night? Or can it be taken in the daytime? AUSTEDO XR can be given orally once daily with or without food, starting at a dose of 12 mg once daily. It can be taken either in the morning or the evening.

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