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20 Questions with Help 4 HD - Cuneyt Elemenler

  1. What is your name? Cuneyt

  2. Where are you from? Turkey

  3. Who are you a caregiver for? I’m interested in my wife.

  4. How long have you been a caregiver for them? For six years

  5. When did you first learn of Huntington's Disease? 6 years ago

  6. What’s it like being a caregiver for someone with HD? Very difficult

  7. What do you use for your support system? I’m doing research.

  8. What sort of resources have you found in your local community? There is not much information here.

  9. Do you work a job separate from being a caregiver? Yes, I work in a spice factory.

  10. What is your relationship with your loved one like? Love is waning

  11. What symptoms of HD that your loved one experiences do you find the most challenging? Involuntary contraction, difficulty speaking.

  12. What are some things you enjoy doing with your loved one? Walking, having fun.

  13. What sort of precautions do you take to keep your loved one safe? Raise balcony rail

  14. Do you have any other family members or children at risk for HD or symptomatic? 2 kids, a boy, and a girl

  15. How has HD changed your life? Our life has been badly affected.

  16. What is something you wish people understood about HD? Awareness

  17. What do you do/find that helps you cope with caregiving for someone with HD? Be patient

  18. How would you describe HD? A devastating disease

  19. What is something you would like your loved one to know? That I love her and I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything.

  20. If you could give any advice to a new caregiver, what would you tell them? Making sure my wife spends her last days well

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