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"WE EXIST" - by Tanita Allen: Together we exist; together, we rise.

Welcome to the heart of “We Exist,” a compelling autobiography and memoir penned by Tanita Allen. Experience a journey that goes beyond words, touching the hearts of those who are determined, courageous, and hopeful.

To get a copy of Tanita's book, you can visit her website: or amazon:

Tanita Allen is a resilient and compassionate advocate of Huntington’s Disease with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs. She has earned her stripes as a certified paralegal, which helps her bring a wealth of experience in customer service and sales to her advocacy efforts. Her diverse professional background equips her with a unique skill set to navigate the complexities of her mission.

Beyond her advocacy work, Tanita finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. She’s an avid lover of music, an ardent reader, and a student of the arts. Her passion extends to health and wellness activities, coupled with a deep appreciation for animals.

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