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20 Questions with Help 4 HD - Carlos Contreras

  1. What is your name? Carlos Contreras

  2. How old are you? 45

  3. At what age were you tested for HD? 42

  4. At what age did you start showing symptoms of HD? 28

  5. Which parent did you inherit HD from? dad

  6. Do any of your siblings have HD/JHD? There are no symptoms, two sisters not tested, and they don't want to test.

  7. Did you get tested because you were showing symptoms or because you wanted to know your gene status? What was your reasoning for getting tested? symptoms

  8. How were you feeling after receiving your results? How did you cope? I was happy as we now knew what I had after misdiagnosis, but I did not know what it was.

  9. What are the top 3 hardest things you have to deal with due to the symptoms from HD? work, I'm messy with everything, swallowing.

  10. Have you ever been arrested or questioned by law enforcement due to the symptoms from HD? yes, Two DUIs when sober in 2006 & 2012, and the latest was Puerto Vallarta in 2021. Mexico stopped and strip-searched while walking home.

  11. What is something that you love to do, that is harder to do, or you can no longer do due to HD? travel, I feel fine, but my spouse says it's much more difficult.

  12. Are you employed? Occupation? (Previous employment?) Yes, Grocery store bagger, a previous cashier at a dry cleaner, and gift store assistant manager.

  13. What is your biggest strength? My smile, that often makes others smile, and I am happy about living for today.

  14. What is your biggest struggle? my speech

  15. How much did you know about HD by the time you were tested? nothing

  16. Are you enrolled in any clinical trials? yes, Wave, but my blood type was not the type they need; Kinect-HD completed and did open-label, currently seven months into Proof-HD

  17. Do you have children? If no- Do you want children? If yes- How do you feel knowing that they have a 50/50 chance of having HD or JHD? No, Yes, sad

  18. How do you describe HD to people? Always moving

  19. If you had the world's attention for 30 seconds, what would you say? Hopefully, there will be a cure for HD soon, leading to so many other cures; and live for today.

  20. What's the best advice you would give to someone who's battling Huntington's Disease? Be happy, not sad; live for today.

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